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Kids' Djembes: Rhythm at All Ages


The all-inclusive energy of drumming and drum circles is what prompts many to pick up their first djembe. Hand drums like djembes are a great first instrument choice for kids because they come in a variety of sizes to suit your child’s stature. The good news for parents is that these smaller djembes are also extremely affordable. Take a look at the different sizes of youth djembes below.

Mini Kids Djembe:

Measures 7”-8” Tall x 4”-5” Head. Good for ages 2-4. Not recommended for children above 5.

Small Kids Djembe:
Measures 11”-12” Tall x 7”-8” Head. Good for ages 4-6. Despite their size, these small djembes are capable of making great tones. We have these childrens djembes in a variety of styles from which to choose.

Medium Kids Djembe:
Measures 15”-16” Tall x 8”-9” Head. Good for ages 6-12. These also produce great tones and come in a variety of designs.

Large Kids Djembe: Measures 19”-20” Tall x 10” Head. Good for ages 12+. These djembes are often purchased by adults, however, they’re also a great choice for young adults looking to seriously embark in hand percussion. These generally weigh in at about 8-10 pounds, so if you think this is too heavy for your child, a fiberglass djembe would be a great lighter-weight alternative.

Two additional sizes are the XL and XXL. These are considered to be adult djembes and usually aren’t recommended for smaller children due to their weight and bulk.

Whatever you decide for your child, keep in mind that each kid is unique and the above guidelines aren’t all- encompassing. If you have any questions about which djembe would be best for your child, please feel free to contact us.

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