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8 Great Djembe Memes


In keeping with the recent meme craze sweeping the net, we thought we’d compile some memes about djembes, drumming, and rhythm to to help inspire and motivate you in your drumming journey; enjoy!

djembe meme1

djembe meme2

djembe meme3

djembe meme4

djembe meme5

djembe meme6

djembe meme7

djembe meme8

Special thanks to Rhythm Healing and Djembe of Course .

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10 Facts About the Djembe

1. The term “djembe” originates from the Bambara saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace.”2. The djembe is said to consist of three spirits: the spirit of the tree from which it was made, the spirit of the animal whose skin covers the head, and the spirit of the [...]

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How to Care for a Djembe: Do's and Don't's

Follow these simple guidelines to prolong the life of your djembe drum:Do’sDo use a drum bag. Bags can prolong the life of your djembe by protecting it from the elements, as well as serving as a cushion by taking impact that could otherwise damage your drum. Keeping your drum in a bag when it’s not [...]

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What's the Difference Between an Ashiko and a Bougarabou Drum?

Aside from the obvious differences in shape, an Ashiko and a Bougarabou will drum have differences in sound as well. Read below to learn the unique sound qualities of each and see which might be a better fit for your percussion collection.AshikosAshikos are actually part of the djembe family. Like djembes, they’re usually headed with [...]

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Djembes In the Classroom

Djembe drumming is increasingly becoming a classroom activity that encourages team building and community. Hand-drumming has historically been used to communicate across long distances between tribes. Now it can also serve as a great tool to bridge the barriers between students in the classroom; allowing them to connect and relate in a truly inspiring way.At [...]

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Djembe Drum Heads: Goat Skin vs. Synthetic Skin

Wondering which type of skin to choose for your djembe drum? Mother Rhythm Drums offers both traditional, authentic goat skin djembe drums, and modern synthetic head djembe drums.If you’re looking for a primal, authentic look and sound to your drum, then traditional goat skin is the way to go. Goat skin provides well-rounded overall tones. [...]

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Jesus Ramirez Demonstrates Djembe Rhythms on Freedom Drums

Check out this video of Jesus Ramirez demonstrating just how versatile the djembecan be with his Freedom Drums djembes. Purchase any Freedom Drums percussion item at the following link:http://motherrhythm.com/store/freedom-drumsHappy Drumming!

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Djembe size descriptions

Need a visual representation for our size descriptions on Professional Djembes and Jammer’s Djembes? Check out the picture to the left. Also, scroll down this entry for a brief description of each sizes advantages and drawbacks.19”-20” Tall, 9”-10” Playing Surface, 10”-11” Overall Diameter These drums are great for beginners, and for those looking for a [...]

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