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12" x 7" Djembe Demos


Watch Dejahn demo 12” x 7” size djembes of various designs in the video below:

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16" x 9" Djembe Demos

Watch Dejahn demo 16” x 9” size djembes of various designs in the video below:

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Kids' Djembes: Rhythm at All Ages

The all-inclusive energy of drumming and drum circles is what prompts many to pick up their first djembe. Hand drums like djembes are a great first instrument choice for kids because they come in a variety of sizes to suit your child’s stature. The good news for parents is that these smaller djembes are also [...]

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Djembe size descriptions

Need a visual representation for our size descriptions on Professional Djembes and Jammer’s Djembes? Check out the picture to the left. Also, scroll down this entry for a brief description of each sizes advantages and drawbacks.19”-20” Tall, 9”-10” Playing Surface, 10”-11” Overall Diameter These drums are great for beginners, and for those looking for a [...]

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