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Why Buy From Us?

With so many options out there for drums and drum accessories, you may be asking yourself why you should choose to do business with Mother Rhythm Drums. There are a number of reasons:

Quality Control

We adhere to a strict quality control standard that is unmatched anywhere in the industry. Because all of the wooden drums we carry are hand-carved, occasionally there are variations both in the carvings and the sizes/shapes. Any drums that do not meet our exact quality standards are set aside and graded as #2 drums. They are sold in various venues across the net including our outlet site and at music festivals at discounted rates. It is extremely important to us that your drum look and sound its very best from the moment it arrives and you begin to play it.

Inspection and Tuning

With that standard in mind we always inspect and tune each drum before shipping at no extra cost. Other companies try to charge up to $50 and claim to do a bunch of bogus services such as oiling the shell (which should not be done once the drum is roped) and oiling the skin (we believe you should NEVER put anything directly on your drum’s skin, as the natural oils from your hands when you play are actually the best thing for the skin anyway, and other substances will ultimately harm it). Charging you to make your drum sound and feel the way it was designed to is outrageous, and we recommend that you never buy from a company that tries to do so, as they are trying to trick you into paying extra to simply attain what should be the standard. We believe that the best customer is an informed customer, and the best seller is an honest, integral seller. You can always trust in our integrity at Mother Rhythm Drums.

Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade

All of the wooden drums we carry are carved from legally-harvested, sustainably-farmed wood. We would never sell a product that has been harvested from environmentally sensitive areas such as rain forests or protected animal species’ habitats, and have the certificates to prove that. We only work with the most ethically-minded suppliers and companies to ensure this.

Support and Online Tutorials

We believe that providing you with extensive knowledge on the care and maintenance of your drum is paramount to meeting your needs not just at the moment of purchase, but also into the distant future as your connection with your drum deepens. That’s why we’re constantly updating tutorials on our blog and instruction page to help you along the way.

Price Match Guarantee

We will beat any competitor’s price by 5% on an identical product. Simply supply us with proof of the other company’s price and we will give you a coupon code for the amount in question.

Straight Forward Pricing

We would never insult your intelligence by creating the illusion of “supposed” savings through grossly exaggerated list prices that have been “slashed.” With us, what you see is what you get, every time, guaranteed. Your trust and faith in our company is very important to us.

30-day money-back guarantee

Last but not least, buy from us because you can feel comfortable with your purchase. Each drum comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee against defects in workmanship (please see our official return policy), and a lifetime of support should you ever need it. We are so much more than a business, we are a collection of rhythmically-minded artists, drummers, and friends. We hope that you will find the same love for rhythm through our products that brought us into this business to begin with. For all of these reasons and many more we hope you will consider us for all your future drumming needs.